Silas Simpson

By, Alaina Spaude

Talented, funny, smart, kind, caring, awesome can you guess who I am talking about? I'll give you a hint, he is not the president but he is going to be! Im talking about the one and only, Silas Simpson!

Early Life

When Silas was little he went to the zoo and he wanted to pet a giraffe. So he climbed onto the railing a reached as far as he could to reach the giraffe, but he fell flat on his face on the cement really hard.


Silas is very talented! He is very famous for a lot of things, like hunting, football, math,reading, and so much more! And guess what, Silas shot his first deer at age 10! (Thats amazing!)

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about Silas are he plays piano, football, baseball, and he likes to hunt like I said in the 3rd paragraph. Also Silas loves the color black and his dog Berta! Silas's favorite restaurant is Larry's Pulled Pork and his favorite food is deer. Can you guess Silas's favorite place in the world is? I can give you a hint, it has something to do with deer. If you guessed his deer stand your correct! He loves his deer stand more than the world! A quote from Silas is, "My deer stand is so peaceful and calm and it is my favorite place on earth!"

In conclusion you learned some interesting facts about Si Guy. AKA Silas Simpson.