Survive in Stile

How to Build a Proper Shelter

Building a Basic Shelter

  1. Look for a suitable place to start your shelter.
  2. Take a forked branch from a tree and push it into the ground around a foot deep, with the Y part of the branch pointing up.
  3. Then take another sturdy branch and stick and strait branch and place it in the Y part of the other branch this will be your ceiling.
  4. For the tent door place two sturdy branches diagonally from each other that meet at the Y branch.
  5. Use a rope like material such as vines or young green tree branches to tie together all the support points.
  6. Create a rib cage like structure running down the main ridgepole.
  7. Finally cover the frame of the structure with a tarp of palm fronds and cover the ground with palm fronds so you stay off the ground

Another Form of Shelter

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Utalize Nature

If you can find a cave, gaps in between large rocks, gaps in rock spaces, or even in a low dome branch covering Use that instead of a shelter to save energy which will help in the long run.