Wanted: Silver

By: Purvi Nandakumar

Wanted For:

Silver is wanted for making many products such as high quality mirrors, jewelry, expensive silverware (using sterling silver), and silver plated silverware. Silver is also a very good conductor of electricity so it also used for computer keyboards, circuit boards, microwaves, dishwashers, washer/dryers, and televisions. This metal is important for making goods and being a conductor of electricity.


Silver's chemical symbol is "Ag," which is short for Argentum in the Latin language.


Silver is a relatively soft metal whose atomic number is 47 and its atomic weight is 108 atomic mass units. Its color is described as shiny and grey-white. When it is polished, it reflects light better than any other metal. Because of this, silver is used to made high-end mirrors. Also, it is solid at room temperature.

Bohr Diagram

The silver atom has 47 protons in its nucleus. The atom has five shells with two electrons in the first, eight in the second, eighteen in the third and fourth, and one electron in the fifth. When it comes to neutrons though, they can vary slightly between atom to atom. These atoms are known as isotopes. Silver has two isotopes. Scientists have calculated that 52% of all silver atoms have 60 neutrons, while the other 48% have 62 neutrons.
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First Arresting Officer

No one person discovered silver, but civilizations and groups discovered the metal. Silver mines were found in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and Greece nearly 5,000 years ago.

Report of First Arrest

Silver mines were discovered in Greece/Asia minor nearly 5,000 years ago. Also, archeologists found silver objects dating to about 3400, but written records from India describe the metal to be found as far back as 900 BC. Skilled craftspeople crafted jewelry, bowls, cups, etc.

Last Seen

Silver is located on the second group, in the fifth row of the periodic table. Its family name is known as the transitional metals. Silver is commonly found in the Earth's crust in silver ores such as argentine.

Known Associates

Iodine is known to mix with silver and become silver iodine. The chemical symbol for silver iodine is Agl (combines the chemical symbols for silver and iodine). The chemical reaction formula between silver and iodine is 2 Ag(s) + 1* (g) = 2 Agl (s)

*has a 2 at the bottom of the 1


Fortunately, this element is stable. But, if you find any other wanted elements, please pay attention to the warning label.

Element in Use


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