Business Builders


Success Habits

As you integrate success habits into your life, you will experience the power of daily action compounded over time.


1. Use the product

2. Personal development

3. Connect or follow- up with 2+

-Contacts (sharing, sampling, etc.)

-Customers (wellness consults, host support, etc.)

-Builders (Success consults, check-ins, etc.)


1. Present 1+ class or 5+ one-on-ones

2. Engage in team call

3. Check-in with your Up line

4. mentor key builders

5. Get training


1. Place 125+ PV LRP order

2. Attend monthly training

3. Use your planner


1. Attend Convention

2. Attend Leadership Retreat

3. Attend regional events

4. Enjoy Incentive trip

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Give Away

With the Rose and Jasmine promotion a lot of you enrolled like crazy. So this month you need to follow up with those enrollments. We are going to give away an Emotional Aromatherapy kit to one lucky person. All you have to do to be entered into the drawing is follow up. For every membership overview and/or business overview you do you will get one entry. Tell us how many overviews you have done on the everyday oils facebook group. The winner will be a random draw.
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#oildorks Business Training

Wednesday, May 18th, 7pm

1451 South Elm-Eugene Street

Greensboro, NC

Register a spot at this biz training. $5 fee includes a copy of the materials reviewed. ($5/couple unless you want 2 copies)

We will be using and teaching on the Share Success tools.

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Pregnancy, birth and beyond class

Monday, May 9th, 7pm

1451 South Elm-Eugene Street

Greensboro, NC

This is a Con-Ed class.