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Classroom Newsletter: December 14, 2015

A Glimpse of the Week

This week we are wrapping up our quarter, so there is a lot to be done. Students will be taking end of quarter assessments in math, reading, and writing. With the holiday season underway, I am reminding students each morning when we go over the day's schedule of the importance of staying focused during class time. Last week we started doing a quick 2 minute check in each morning to review the day's schedule so that students are aware of everything that needs to get done that day. This has really helped students keep their focus during instruction.

We will be working on a Polar Express unit this week. Tuesday Mr. Woods will be kicking it off with a read aloud of the book for the whole class. On Thursday, we will view the movie and enjoy our own hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate!
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Thursday and Friday

We will be viewing the Polar Express on Thursday in class and enjoying some Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot Chocolate! of our own. If you would like to send in store bought treats to share you may do so on this day.

The CORE Carnival Celebration is on Friday. The students will enjoy a movie theater experience in the LGI room. There will be concessions to purchase with CORE Cash as students view a movie. They may purchase a pillow and blanket pass to bring on Friday as well.

We are not having an "official" holiday party time. We will be doing engaging activities all week that pertain to the holidays.


Students will be choosing 4 say something stems from their Comprehension Strategies flyer based on the book they read each night for 30 minutes. They will write 4 stems each night.

Get Epic:
Aesop's Fables:
Story Online:
The Indianapolis Public Library Site:
Poetry for Kids:
National Geographic for Kids:
News for Kids: Dogo News:
Time for Kids:
Highlights for Kids:

Students should also study their math fact fluency cards at least 5 minutes each night.

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Classroom Selfie-Reflection

Selfie Share!: We are the winning class for behavior in Library. Students will get to celebrate by having free time with BeeBots on Tuesday.

Last week, students participated in the Hour of Code. Students explored and learned how to code at We will continue to explore coding through the year.

Selfie-Retakes: Things are looking good so far...but it is the last week before break. I need your support to remind students each day to stay focused. :)

Core-tastic! Student of the Week

Congratulations Akane! She was the classroom Core-tastic Student of the Week. She has really domonstrated responsibility during independent work time. She comes in each morning and follows her morning routine without needing any reminders. Way to go!
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Specials Schedule and Other Important Dates

Mon: art
Tues: library
Wednesday: pe
Thursday: music
Friday: core carnival