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Moving from Teacher Website to Schoology

LTISD updated the district and campus websites for Fall 2016. As part of this move, all teachers transitioned from a static teacher website that uses one-way communications to a dynamic Schoology Course that allows for two-way communications, 24/7 access to learning resources, and a robust professional learning community.

A major goal of this transition is to allow the technology to provide you with more efficient ways to manage your communications with students and parents, save you time managing access to digital resources for students, and provide you quick access to the resources and tools you need for your professional practice.

Schoology Enterprise
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The Story of Schoology at LTISD

As LTISD has grown from a smaller to a larger district, the need for systems thinking becomes more important to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The deployment of a common learning management system (LMS) is one tool to help in this transition.

In a social media world, the need to create effective communications and provide access to digital learning resources has become necessary to meet the needs of all stakeholders. LTISD teachers and administrators recognized the need for a robust yet user-friendly platform to help meet these needs.

In the summer of 2013, a design group of teachers and administrators began exploring different learning management systems and decided to pilot both the Canvas and Schoology platforms. The group quickly came to a consensus around Schoology and by the Spring of 2014, many teachers who were not part of the original pilot group started to use Schoology. Momentum was building with the positive feedback from teachers and students using the LMS, so the district decided to purchase the enterprise version of Schoology for 2014-15.

Up to the 2016-17 school year, Schoology was a completely voluntary choice for teachers. The goal was to allow teachers to make the migration from a website to the LMS at their own pace and for their own reasons. During that time, we have witnessed many great uses of Schoology by teachers.

In 2014-15, two committees comprised of teachers/administrators/parents/community members were formed to address two areas of concern. One committee discussed how social media affects learning and teaching in LTISD while the other committee formulated a plan for the redesign of the district and campus websites. The consensus from both committees was to formalize the move to Schoology to enhance the effectiveness of both initiatives.

The final stage of Schoology implementation began in 2016 but will continue for the foreseeable future. It is the goal of both district and campus leadership to provide teachers with the resources and learning opportunities over the coming years to build a robust learning community focused on the most precious resource we have...our students.

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