FUN-damentals Part 2

5. Attaching Resources

Any files (pdf, Word, PowerPoint, etc) that you might use for the lesson can be attached by clicking on the paperclip to the far right of "Attachments". You can even attach available Aware tests.

6. Embed Websites

Any website or address you need for the lesson can be hyperlinked. Type the title or keyword, click on the chain link in the toolbar, and paste in the link.

7. Copy Wizard

Appears in the week's view. Allows you to copy from one week, semester, year to another. Can shift plans a day. Can copy instructional days.

8. Sharing Planners

If team planning, sharing is a two way street: both people have to share with each other. You may also share with Mrs. Robledo for GCS and teachers at Success/CAPS. You do not need to share your Planner with your Admins, they already have visibility.