World War II- Germany/Italy

By Cole Bennett


The core beliefs of the Fascists were a belief that the state is more important than the individual. They had a leaning towards authoritarian governments and violence and an emphasis on nationalism. Mussolini was able to take over Italy through his false promises of ending the economic strife and bringing back Italy's former glory. Mussolini was interested in taking over Ethiopia because with that land, they would have an overseas empire.


Most Germans resented the terms of the Treaty of Versailles because they were designed to punish Germany and ruin their economy. Hitler came to power in 1933, riding a wave of public discontent with Germany's postwar position of powerlessness and the suffering caused by the Great Depression. Hitler wanted to add Austria because of the fact that they could take them over without anybody doing anything major in retaliation.


The issues discussed at the Munich Conference were how Germany was taking over too much land. Neville Chamberlain believed that the meeting had achieved nothing.