Life in the FAST Lane



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  • If you are interested in applying for 3-8 lead, please email Shelly Perry

Week of May 23

Tuesday, May 24 @ 9am FAST Department Meeting

Important 3-8 Dates

The deadline for students to submit assignments is 3pm on June 1

Important Upcoming High School Dates

May 23 - 25 Grades 9-11 finals review
May 25 Grades 9-11 teacher graded assignments for finals due (Part II of final exam)
May 25 Grades 9-11 last day to submit assignments
June 9 @ 4pm High School Graduation

High School Finals Dates

May 23 -- 12th Grade ELA and WLPEH
May 24 -- 12th Grade Math and Science
May 25 -- 12th Grade Social Studies & Electives
May 26 - 31 -- Finals Grades 9-11

Tracker Clean Up

Tracker clean up will begin in May 31. QRG will be out soon so start thinking about what students may need you to follow up with them over the summer.

Summer Projects

Starting June 6. Project list coming your way soon.
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