Dollhouse Murders

By:Betty Ren Wright

How can you persuade a general audience to want to read the novel?

As Amy moved in with her Aunt Clare for a little while Aunt Clare wanted to go up to the attic and while she was up there she saw a beautiful dollhouse she didn't mess with it or anything but when her Aunt Clare went up there she thought that Amy moved the dolls when Grandpa and Grandma's Trealor's death. Aunt Clare didn't know that Amy would do such a thing did Amy messed with it or not?
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In some of the chapters Amy had a big huge argument about why does she have to take care of her little sister Louann. She didn't want to take care of her 24/7 so she decided to pack and take a little vacation at her Aunts Clare house.Her birthday was coming up and so was her friend so she invited some of her friends over to Aunt Clare's house. She was there for about a week already. Louann had to come too since Amy's mother and father had to take care of some family business.
The dollhouse was beautiful just like the one down below.She really liked it. something happens to the dollhouse. What happened to the dollhouse?
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Did the dolls move or somebody moved them or there's a ghost in the attic? If there's a ghost who's the ghost? If there's a somebody who's the somebody? find out and read the book


Scary Music - Spooky, Scary Sounds for Halloween by heatherhessler


As Aunt Clare told Amy and her friend(Ellen) what happened to Grandma and Grandpa Trealor. Amy and Ellen went to the library to go find out who killed Grandma and Grandpa Trealor. WHO KILLED GRANDMA AND GRANDPA TREALOR?

Finally Home

After she figured out who killed Grandma and Grandpa Trealor Amy finally went home and her mother and father came back back from there family business