By: Minju Kim


Population: lemmings, voles, wolves, arctic foxes, arctic hares, falcons, sandpipers, and etc.

Habitat: Extremely cold, low biotic diversity, simple vegetation structure, limitation of drainage, and short season of growth and reproduction. Yearly precipitation,

Community: low shrubs, sedges, reindeer mosses, liverworts, and grasses. There are also 400 different species of flowers, and crustose, and foliose lichen.

Adaptation: All plants are adapted to the sweeping wind, and disturbances of the soil. Plants group together in the winter. Animals start hibernating in the winter.

niche: Animals and birds migrate in the winter. The animals help to maintain the food chain and the environment by not overeating but eating the adequate amount of food.

Food Chain: Krill-> Cod -> Baleen whale -> Killer whale