Mina Family Star

November 2022

A Note from the principal

Wow, hard to believe it is already Novemeber! October was a busy month with parent conferences, Fall Fest, and Red Ribbon Week! Thank you to all those who participated in all those events and much more! We are able to do these things because of the amazing support of our families.

You will notice that students have been taken or will be taking academic targets to 'check their level of understanding'. Our teachers work extremely hard with our instructional coaches to review the data and modify their instruction based on the results. This is a great opportunity for you to talk to your student about applying 'what they know' and not to stress out about not getting everything right.

We are seeing more and more that students are afraid to fail and put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect. We are not looking for perfection. We are trying to encourage all our students to 'HANDLE HARD BETTER'. Here is a video I shared with teachers and students that talks about this concept. We all need help understanding that things are not always going to be easy and that they can do hard things. I truly believe that this is why Mina has such a huge success rate! We all have high expectations of our students and of ourselves! No one is perfect and it is when we learn the most, when we 'fail forward'!

In this month of thanksgiving, I want to say a huge thank you for allowing me to lead this campus and do a job I love! Mina is a great campus to be apart of and I am thankful for each and everyone who enters. Enjoy the long Thanksgiving Break and may you and your family find lots of things to be thankful for.

Your Proud Admin Team-

Emily Allen, Mina Principal eallen@bisdtx.org

Office: 512-772-7640

From our Gifted and Talented Team

Gifted and Talented (GT) Nomination Window

The GT Nomination window for Kindergarten through 4th grade students will open on November 1st and go through November 30th. Parents may nominate their child for GT. If nominating a student, nomination forms must be complete and turned in. To obtain the forms or if you have any questions, please email Vickie Schroeder at vschroeder@bisdtx.org.

Informational Parent Meeting for POTENTIAL GT Students

If you are interested in learning more about GT, the process for referral and assessment, and/or how GT students are served please attend an Informational Parent Meeting for Potential GT Students on November 10th at 6:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center. Please click here to view the flyer for the meeting.

From BISD Community Education Dept.

Hoopstars Registration Open for Spring '23

Hoopstars Registration is now open for the Spring 2023 season!

Register online at bisdtx.ce.eleyo.com. Interested in coaching? Complete a volunteer application online at https://www.bisdtx.org/Page/1129.

View the flyer for the Spring 2023 season.

Calendar of Events

2022-23 Mina PTA

PTA wants to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser!!!!! We want to send a shout out to Ethan Rincon Gomez for selling 32 boxes of chocolates, earning him TOP SELLER and grand prize winner of the Bluetooth scooter! Prizes should be arriving in November. We came so close to our sales goal of $60,000! So far we have collected over $52,000 in sales! If you have not turned in your money for the boxed chocolate, you signed out it is past due and must be turned in immediately! We have over $2,500 still outstanding.

As always, PTA wants to thank the amazing families of Mina for all their time, help and donations that helps make our events a success!

Mina PTA Events for the Calendar:

Adopt a Teacher

November 11th - 3rd grade Donuts with Grown-Ups

November 17th is Panda Express Day from 10:30am - 9:30pm

***mention Mina for 20% of the proceeds will be donated back to the school***

What is Formative Loop?

Our campus uses Formative Loop to build your student's math foundation. They are regularly practicing skills like addition, subtraction, place value, decimals, and more (grade level dependent). All essential life skills take practice, and math is no different. This program enables us to tailor that practice to your student's individual progress. It ensures that they have mastered all the critical areas and will highlight any points to focus instructional time. Your student will bring home practice every night as homework.

ASK YOUR STUDENT HOW THEY ARE DOING AND ASK YOUR TEACHERS HOW YOU CAN HELP! If you want to look up the program, here is the website, www. formativeloop.com

Thanksgiving Lunch at Mina

Thanksgiving Lunch is back. Please click here to sign up to have a Thanksgiving Lunch with your student. Lunch is $5 per adult.


We will be able to accomodate TWO ADULTS (SEATS) per student. Those that are unable to have an adult accompany them for lunch will be able to eat in the classroom with their teacher.

We will be serving Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Seasoned Green Beans,

Dinner Roll & Cinnamon Apples with whipped topping.

Please respond by Thursday, November 10, 2022.

Important Reminders

~Please click here to make transportation changes BEFORE 2pm so that we have time to get messages to students and their teachers before we start the dismissal process.

~Students will not be released from school after 2:30pm in order not to cause confusion in our dismissal process. Admin must approve any time after 2:30pm.

~Parents must fill out the form online to change transportation and not report to the teachers or students only. This is to ensure that the dismissal process is followed, and your child will get home the way you have communicated with the office.