Sodas of 2013

Jacob's top 5

Dr Pepper


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Dr Pepper has always been a consumer favorite. It is the only name brand company that supplies us with spicy cherry cola. Dr Pepper will most likely be in the top 5 for at least another decade.

Mountain Dew


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Mountain Dew did a joint advertisement with Doritos that gained them a lot of publicity. Also, Mountain Dew has an electrifying taste that is rare. They have along future in the market.



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Fanta offers many flavors unlike many other companies. They are distinct because of this. They too, have along future in the markets.



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Sprite has a fantastic taste. Lemon and lime make a perfect combination. Sprite will be around when we are living on other planets.



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Coke has been the number one sold soda for a very long time. It is the perfect cola. Coke will be around so long that Jesus at the final judgement will have the opportunity to drink one