The trial of the Three Blind Mice

Trial #1

The Prosecution..

On Monday March 10th, 2012 at 11:00 pm. Blind mice #1 our defendant, was caught stealing out of a candy shop. We have been looking into this case and have been trying to figure out the verdict. Our witness, Blind mice #2 was walking around outside the candy shop and saw Blind mice #1 eating the candy right out of the cabinet. When Blind mice #2 called the police last night we did arrest Blind mice #1. We issued an arraignment for the next day so both mices could stand before the judge and explain their sides of the story. An subpoena was sent out for them too. Blind mice #3 was the public defender for them. The grand jury and petit jury came in and sat down so we could get started. Police say they are appealing information about the incident. The mice began to explain what had happened last night and after we had assigned a indictment Blind mice #1 was being a perjury. Mince #1 was convicted and was going to be sent to prison. The mice tried getting a bail but it was not worth it at all. We charged this mice with a felony and the public defender was asked by mice #1 if he could get a plea bargain but he was so blind he couldn't see what was in front of him.. PRISON.