Windows and Doors

Bella Passantino and Baylee Yeisley


Windows provide natural light, reduce heat loss/gain and can complete the room. The entry door is usually the focal point of the house.


Doors are necessary for connecting one area to another while providing protection and privacy.

They contribute to the atmosphere of a room and give balance and design to the exterior of a structure. some add detail to the decorative scheme.


Provide natural light, ventilation, privacy, decorative scheme, and give balance to the design.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Move on tracks at the bottom and top of the windows

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Casement Windows

Best type of Ventilator, can be easily opened by with a crank. (Common in many houses because people like to open them during the summer)
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Hopper Windows

Frequently used as a basement window. This window opens at the top.

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Interior Window Treatment

Some basic interior window treatments include draperies, curtains, shades, blinds, shutters, sliding panels, and screens that are intended to coordinate with the design scheme.