Big Fish, Small Fish

Kindergarten/ 1st Grade Guidance

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Big Fish, Small Fish

Problems come in different sizes. When a problem swims our way, we have to decide if it's a big fish (something we need help with) or a small fish (something we can handle on our own). You need to tell an adult when you have Big Fish Problem. Telling an adult about a Small Fish problem is tattling. When faced with a problem, ask yourself:

  1. Is someone in danger?
  2. Does the problem involve you?
  3. Is it a NOW problem or a NOT NOW problem?

Let's Practice!

Think of a time you had a Big Fish problem? How did you handle it?

Now, think of a time you had a Small Fish problem. Were you able to solve the problem on your own?

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue
Tattle Questions (song for kids about not tattling)
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