SMART Goals.

Janely Mosqueda 5th Period.

Short Term Goal.

Academically, I want to maintain my grade to at least an 80% average in Algebra and social studies throughout 8th grade, because I want to be good at all the possible things I can.

  • Physically I want to be able to run a mile in 5 or 6 minutes and 30 seconds. I must pace myself and watch for the things I do in order to reach this goal.

  • In order to reach my goals I must study hard, practice, and ask questions.

  • My goals are aligned with SMART because it is I can see what i'm working towards and if I do my best I can definitely achieve them.

Next Years Goal.

In 9th grade I want to be able to stay in sports and be in as many Pre- AP classes as I can so I can graduate with college credit because if I do good in sports and I'm academically smart I can get noticed more and could even end up with a scholarship to a good university.

  • My 9th grade goal is aligned with SMART because it is a working realistic goal.

  • In order to complete this goal with success I must try my best and never give up.

  • There are a lot of resources I can use like my teachers, other students, and family a that could be there to support me throughout the way.

  • Timeline

8th grade Go to tutorials even if I have a good passing grade, ask questions, take suggestions, and ask about how I can get into Pre-AP for the next year.

9th grade If I am still not in Pre AP by the time I get to Highschool I will Work harder and keep asking how I can get into Pre AP.

2020 Goal.

I want to be able to graduate with college credits, as many scholarships as I can get and go straight to the college/university that best suits me and my career after that.

  • Specific
  • Measurable- I can see my growth because as I go along i can see how i''m dong in classes and how many credits I already have.
  • Attainable- My goals are realistic because they are doable as long as i Work hard.
  • Relevant,Rigorous, Realistic - My goals make me work and give me good results.
  • Timely an Trackable

Middle School : Ask counselors, teachers, parents, etc for advise on college. Work hard never slack off.

Highschool : Since its a fresh start on my GPA keep my grades up in all classes no matter what. Ask counselors about college and what I can do in advance . Start thinking about what career I want to be in therefore I can start picking my college and maybe get a look into it.