Join us for our June #slowchat about tutors as writers!


This week, we are discussing the tutor as writer!

We work with writers every day in the writing center, but sometimes we lose our own identity as writers in the process. Writing is core to what we do, and who we are as writing guides for our clients. For our June #slowchat, join us to chat about the different facets of tutors as writers, the impact our writing identities have on our sessions, and our goals as writers in the future.

#wcchat June #slowchat

Wednesday, June 1st, 12am to Thursday, June 30th, 12am

This is an online event.

#wcchat will take a different form for the summer months. For the months of June, July, and August, we will take part in a #slowchat. What is a #slowchat? A slow chat takes place over an extended period of time, rather than the traditional one hour limit to most hosted chats. This gives participants an opportunity to reflect and to join the conversation when it works best in a busy schedule. So Tweet any time during each month- questions will be posted on the first day of the month. Remember to tag your responses with #slowchat and #wcchat each time you tweet!

Chat norms:

  • Follow the moderator (Kyle Boswell is moderating this week: @boskm).
  • Respond with "A" and corresponding question number at the front of your tweet.
  • Don't forget the hashtag! #wcchat #slowchat
  • Follow those you connected with and/or learned from to grow your PLN.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Focus on quality responses and questions that generate discussions that focus on our writing center practices.


  • Q1: Why is it important for the tutor to have an identity as a writer?
  • Q2: How does your own writing impact your tutoring?
  • Q3: What are your favorite parts of writing? How do you share those with clients?
  • Q4: What are your points of struggle with writing? How do you share those with clients?
  • Q5: What are you goals as a writer for the next year?