Constitutional Era and Federal Era

Shays' Rebellion

The americans farmers were not happy with the state and local government.

In Massachusetts the rebellions were worse because the harvests were bad.

Daniel shays' led the rebellion because he was a captain in the continental army. Gen.Benjamin Lincoln and the state militia ended shays' rebellion in the winter of 1787. Shays' Rebellion helped change the articles of confederation to the constitution.

The Whiskey Rebellion

The farmers that made whiskey were angry because Alexander Hamilton suggested that the government put a tax on whiskey.

President George Washington sent troops to Pennsylvania to end the rebellion.

The government proved they were strong enough to keep control.

Constitutional era and Federal era by José perez

XYZ Affair

America did not chose sides a war between France and Great Britain, which made France really mad.France captured many American ships.

US president John Adams sent Charles Cotesworth Pinckney , John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry to France to talk to Charles de Talleyrand.

De Talleyrand demanded a bribe and the Americans refused.