Sauk Prairie Veteran's visited Grand Ave. on Wednesday, November 11th. Fifth grade students from Grand Ave., Merrimac and Tower Rock were part of their annual Veteran's Day presentation that included patriotic songs sung by all the students and speakers that highlighted past wars and veterans. Thank you to the VFW and Bart Mauch for organizing this event each year for our students and staff. Please see photos of speakers and veterans
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Thank you to all that donated items (314 lbs.) for the Sauk Prairie Food Pantry the week before Thanksgiving. Your donations will be greatly appreciated to those in our community that are in need of assistance. Mrs. Strathman's 5th grade class is shown below with just a few of the items that were donated to the SP Food Pantry. Accepting the donations was Carol Gagnon (back row on left). Again, thank you!
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Grand Avenue would like to clarify the process we are putting in place for afterschool dismissal changes. If your child is riding a bus to a different location or a different night that is not listed in Skyward, the dismissal change/bus request form must be filled out, signed and dated and then sent with your child to Grand Ave so it can be stamped by the office for the change on that date. Please click on link below to view and print the form.

If your child will have a change regarding someone picking them up, they are biking or walking home, the information can be sent in on a separate note or put in their assignment notebook. We do not need the dismissal change/bus request form filled out for these changes.

If you have questions, please contact the office. Thank you.


The 5th grade students here at Grand Avenue will perform their annual concert on Monday, December 14. Songs will be performed by all 5th grade students along with additional songs performed by the 5th grade chorus. The students will perform a dress rehearsal on Monday, December 14 at 1:45 pm in the Commons with an evening performance on Monday, December 14 at 6:00 pm in the Commons. All our welcome to come and enjoy the music by these students.

Please ask your child to wear their Sunday best when they come to perform on Monday evening. Thank you.


Counselor Connection

In November, third graders participated in three lessons on the topic of communication. The lessons focused on the problems nonverbal and verbal communication can cause. Through these lessons, we talked about sharing our feelings nonverbally and verbally, so that we don’t cause conflicts with friends. We also learned about using an I-statement to let others know how we are feeling. A friendship skills group will be offered in December to address other aspects of friendship. Please let Miss Sadie know if you would like your child to participate in this group.

Fourth graders participated in lessons on perspective and problem solving. They learned why it is important to think about another person’s perspective, to demonstrate I-Care Listening when someone is trying to communicate with them, and to use I-Statements when discussing a problem with someone.

Fifth graders learned about the 6 Errors in Thinking and how they can lead to poor decision making. We also discussed how to resist negative peer pressure now and in the future by setting personal goals.

Please mark your calendar to preview the bullying program Act Now!, which will be offered to all Grand Avenue parents Tuesday, January 5th @ 5:30 in the Little Theater. This program is used with 4th and 5th graders in January.

Miss Sadie

School Counselor

Ponder Parenting

· There is never a need to blame our children for anything. We can, of course, correct them. We can guide them gently and with wisdom. But blaming our children for their faults is not the only problem. Monitor your conversations for a seven day period. Make a note each time that you complain or blame concerning anything. Your children listen. Are they learning to blame others, or to take constructive action? (Martin, William; The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: A New Interpretation, 1999)

E-mail Miss Sadie if you have thoughts or questions about how to accomplish this task.

School Breaks Food Assistance

Every year around the school break times (Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break), families from the Sauk Prairie School District have the opportunity to receive food items to help with the financial burden of needing to provide more meals during those break times. This opportunity is similar to the GSPIE snack packs, but includes items to make meals, not just snacks. The district social worker, Susan Baumann-Duren, receives food donations from the community to equally distribute to families in need throughout the district.

We try to fairly distribute these items so the same families don’t receive the assistance at every break time; however, some families do receive the food more than once during the school year. The food items are brought to Grand Avenue and can be picked up by the family, or sent home with the students (this option can be very difficult for the students).

If your family would be interested in receiving meal assistance at the upcoming break, please contact Sadie Sutter at 643-1954 or by Tuesday, November 17th.

H.E.L.P. (Help Excite Little People)

Do you have toys that your children no longer play with or just want to clean out those closets? The United Church of Christ is sponsoring their annual H.E.L.P. toy drive. Grand Avenue will be collecting toy donations December 7-11. Items may be sent in with your child/children during that week and staff will make sure that the items are delivered to the church for distribution for the upcoming holiday. Thanking you in advance for your donations!


District School Board Mtg

December 14, 2015 - 7:00 pm - Middle School

No School

December 23-January 3 - Winter Break

PLC/Early Dismissal

Wednesday, December 9 - 1:35 and 1:40 pm

Field Trips

December 2 - 4th Grade - Moely & Markley - State Capitol

December 3 - 4th Grade - Steinmetz & Wirtz - State Capitol

December 4 - 4th Grade - Backeberg & Liedtke - State Capitol


Food allergies are becoming a more frequent health concern in our classrooms. As a result, parents notify teachers of their child’s allergies, and the teachers use that information to provide a safe snack list to be followed for the year in their classroom. We ask parents who received a safe snack list at the beginning of the year to monitor the shared snacks they are sending to their child’s classroom. If you are unsure, please contact your child’s teacher.

We also realize that many times children may want to share lunches and snacks in places other than just the classroom. For this reason, we are asking parents to talk with their children about the safety of this “sharing”. Please let your child know that some children could get very ill if they eat food that they are allergic to, and they may not even be aware that a certain ingredient that they are allergic to is in food accepted from a friend or acquaintance.

This same message may also be good to repeat when you are supervising a field trip as a chaperone. Remember, it takes a community to raise a child. Thank you for your help in this matter!

If you need access to a safe snack list, or have other questions, please contact me: Pam Frey, School Nurse (608) 643-5509


School closing will be announced as early as possible via Skylert to families and staff members, posted on the District's webpage, and on local television and radio stations. Information will also be available by calling the school closing line at 643-5990 #2 for a recorded announcement.

*WISC - Channel 3

*WKOW - Channel 27

*WMTV - Channel 15

*1070 AM; 104.1 FM; 1310 AM; 101.5 FM; 96.3 FM

*1400 AM; 104.9 FM; 102.9 FM; 94.9 FM; 105.5 FM; 105.1 FM

*98.1 FM; 94.1 FM; 106 FM; 93.1 FM; 1670 AM; 1550 AM



Lunch times at Grand Ave are: 3rd grade-11:15 am, 4th grade-11:40 am and 5th grade-12:00 pm. If there is a day that you would like to join your child for hot lunch, please phone the office by 9:00 am that day (643-1900) to reserve a hot lunch. You will need to stop at the office to pick up a visitor badge. The cost is $3.55 for a visitor lunch, which comes off your family account. Also, if you send in lunch money that is cash, in an envelope to be dropped off at the office, could you please make sure that the student’s name is either on the outside of the envelope or a note inside the envelope with the student’s name. Please click on link below to view this month's lunch menu.

Breakfast - Student - $1.50, Adult - $2.45

Lunch - Student - $2.40, Adult - $3.55

Milk - 35 cents


Food Service is excited to announce some NEW features in Family Access. You have the ability to access your child’s meal statement, key pad number and set an Ala Carte limit. When you are logged into Family Access, click on the Food Service tab. In the top right corner is the Meal Statement. To set an Ala Carte Limit, click on it and you can choose an amount to limit per day or do not allow Ala Carte Purchases. Please realize at the elementary level, students do not have the option to choose an ala carte option. So, if you want your child/children to be able to purchase just a milk, please do not block the ala carte option. If you have any questions please call Tammy at 643-5983.


SUBSTITUTE TEACHING ASSISTANT & SECRETARY SUBS for support to all levels of students and schools. Assignments may include classroom, study hall, field trips, lunch room, playground, and bus duty. To be scheduled as needed and may occur on short notice. This is a temporary position with no guarantee of hours. Applications only accepted online at WECAN. $10.32/hour.


The Grand Avenue and Bridges parent group meets the third Monday of every other month. They alternate their meetings between the two schools and the meetings are held at 6:15 pm every other month. The next meeting will be on Monday, January 19 at Grand Avenue Elementary. Daycare is provided for these meetings if needed. For more information, please click on the link below for an overview of what the organization does to help our students, teachers and schools.


Grand Avenue staff would like to say a huge "THANKS" to GSPIE for the wonderful week of treats and an awesome baked potato luncheon. We appreciate all that you do for our school and students!


. Literacy Committee Book Drive - It is a great time to clean out your bookshelves! The Literacy Committee will be hosting a book drive in December to collect new and gently used books. Please consider donating to give the gift of literacy to our Bridges and Grand Avenue Elementary School classrooms and students. Thank you so much for your support!


Parents, since the weather is changing and students are out in the snow, cold and wet, if you could please send in a dry set of clothes (socks, pants, etc.) for your child/children, that would be fantastic. Also, please make sure that your child/children have their snow pants, boots, hat and mittens/gloves here at school for recess time. If your child is in need of any winter clothing, please have them stop in the office and we will find the winter items that are needed. Thank you.


If your child is ill, going to an appointment or will be late to school, please call the attendance line before 8:15 am (643-1991). This phone line is available 24 hours a day. If you e-mail or call the teacher, the message doesn't always get to the office, which we understand. It is important that the school is aware of your child's absence. If a child misses more than an hour in the morning or afternoon, they will be marked absent for half a day. Students leaving early, prior to lunch or at the end of the school day, they will be marked with a Q code, which is similar to a tardy.

If you call your child in with an illness, we would like you to please let us know the symptom/symptoms, i.e., a fever, sore throat, headache, cough, etc., that your child may have.


According to the Sauk Prairie School Board, certain criteria must be met in order for any medication to be dispensed at school. Before any medication can be dispensed, an Authorization for Medication Administration (AMA) must be completed and returned to the school office. This form is necessary for both over the counter and prescription medications and requires both a parent and physician signature.

For example, if your child suffers from migraine headaches, we will NOT be able to distribute medication to him/her without an AMA on file. The AMA form can be found on the District web site. In order for medications to be distributed, pills must be in a prescription bottle with proper labeling. Students may carry inhalers with them, however, an AMA form must be on file in the office.

If you have any questions regarding medication distribution, please contact Pam Frey, RN for the district at 643-5509.