Mae Steven Elementary Library

November News from Library Land

Fall Book Fair News

Thanks to everyone who shopped at the fair. The fair raised $650 for the library program. These funds will be spent to provide new books for the students and staff. Our next book fair will be in early March.

New Books

New books have arrived in the library! Two hundred twenty-two new books are on the shelves for students and staff.

October Statistics

In October:

78 classes visited the library for a total of 152 for the year;

1096 students walked-in between class visits for a total of 1655 for the year; and

2895 books and materials were checked out for a total of 5282 for the year.

As you can see from our statistics the library is a very popular and busy place.

Accelerated Reader

We use Accelerated Reader to measure students' reading practice. Students read books of their own choice and take quizzes over comprehension. Every time they pass a quiz they earn points based on the length of the book. Students are rewarded in the library by earning charms on a chain they can wear to show their progress. First-third grade earn charms for every 10 pts. they achieve. Fourth and fifth graders earn charms for every 15 pts. they achieve. Additionally students must have an 85% average score on their quizzes to earn charms. Charms are awarded every other Friday. You may check their progress by logging into the Accelerated Reader Home Connect page. You were sent a letter with your login information. You can also register your email and be alerted each time your child reads and quizzes. Working together we can help our students be the best readers possible.

November Author of the Month

To help students find a good book we are featuring a different author each month. In October students enjoyed learning about Chris Van Allsburg. This month we are reading books by Eve Bunting. We learn about the author and how to find their books in our library.