Heard of the Pax Romana?

You could be missing out...

Come on into Rome!

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a place of peace? Then what are you waiting for?? Come on into Rome, we're in the Pax Romana and we have no serious threats from our neighbors and no civil uprisings!

Hey ladies and gents, do you have peace where you live? Do you get to open up unfettered trade and shipping routes? I didn't think so. So come on into Rome for increased trade.

Are you getting foreign goods? Of course you're not because you aren't in Rome right now... get on in here there's plenty of goods for you!

Ever wondered what it would be like to know you could travel the world safely? Come give Rome a visit and see for yourself it's possible!

Are you getting trade business? Well I'd say you're not if there's no peace. Come to Rome and get plenty of business... because you know peace=business!!

You're missing out!

Ever wondered what you'd look like as a sculpture? Come on into Rome and take a look at our realistic sculptures!

Is your architecture arched and used with concrete? Ever wondered what the arch would even look like? Come to Rome and come see some of these arches!

Our buildings and inventions have the potential to make it all the way to the 20th century... Give Rome a visit and see for yourself why it's so great!

When it came to practical things in the Pax Romana, the Romans used science! Come on and check it out for yourself!

Know anything about mathematics, geography, or astronomy? If you don't, what are you waiting for? Come into Rome to find out more about these!

Now you're definitely missing out!

Have you ever tried to understand that there was a system of planets? Need clarification? Take a visit to Rome during the Pax Romana and get a better explanation!

Do you want to know what the center of the solar system is? To them it is the earth! If you're into astronomy you should take a trip to Rome during the Pax Romana to find out more!

The theory of the earth being the center of the solar system lasted until the 16th century. To find out more details as to what their reasoning is, come on into Rome and ask some questions!

Ever heard of Galen? Bet you didn't know it was a medicine that was the basis for the western medical knowledge until modern times. Interested to learn more? Take a trip to Rome!

Fan of philosophy? Talk to Marcus Aurelius! Come into Rome and ask him why he thinks people should live simple lives, control their emotions, and be self-sufficient.

You know you're missing out...

Do you think law should reflect principles of reason and justice? Come live in Rome! If you agree with the laws of Rome, it'd be a perfect place for you to live!

Rome believes they should protect the citizen's person and property. You will be protected in Rome, you and your property! You could count on Rome for protection.

The thing with the laws of Rome is that they apply to all people, no matter the nationality. Come to Rome for fair treatment and equality during the Pax Romana.

Rome in the Pax Romana was a safe place, we even have a strong army posted in areas where enemies would cause trouble. It feels like you have a bodyguard 24/7! Our goal is to keep the safety here an everyday thing and so far it has worked! Come give us a visit to see for yourself!

Who wouldn't come to a place for peace and safety? No one would pass that up! Come to Rome, the Pax Romana is a time of peace and safety... and there is no catch! You're always welcome here.