Tech Tip Tuesday

April 8, 2014

Recording Narration Without a Microphone

This is one of my new favorite tips! Mrs. Brown recently shared something her daughter did over break. She needed to have audio to attach to a presentation board so anyone (at anytime) could hear oral presentation. She used her phone to create an audio recording that she then uploaded to Vocaroo. Anyone could then hear her oral presentation by scanning a QR code created by Vocaroo. It's so simple, I can't believe I didn't think of it! Mrs. Brown's daughter did this using her there is no extra program to download to your computer!

There is one thing to remember. (I learned this the hard way with Mrs. Cooper's class last week...) Vocaroo doesn't save audio files forever. Upload to Google Drive instead. So, once the audio file is in Google Drive, you can just share the link to that audio file like you would share a Google Doc. Then, copy and paste that link on a QR code site (like Kaywa or Google’s URL Shortener). Just be sure when you first share it that it’s set for anyone to view.

If you don't need a QR code, you can still record your voice and upload your audio to your Google Drive using an iPhone. Sites that link to your Google account, like WeVideo, can take that audio directly from your drive. Need to add audio to your video but you don't have a microphone? Use your iPhone.

Check out these step by step instructions. And, I'm happy to help you or your students with this anytime! This is also added to the Teacher Tech Help folder shared with MRHS staff in Google Drive. And, if you ever want to save anything from that folder to your own drive (so you can edit it, add your own info, etc.), just click "File" and then choose "Make a Copy". You'll then have that document in your own drive, too.

Bonus Tip: Staff Resources on the Library Website

This extra tip is an easy one, and I thought I'd share it after a teacher talked about how it's not easy to find the database of Adams 12 Board Approved Materials. There is a page on the library website just for Staff Resources. I've included Adams 12 resources (like the Board Approved List, Superintendent Policies, our sub website), other education resources (like the CDE site, education blogs, Schoology and Edmodo), and tech tools I've used a lot as a teacher (that some of you may like to use, too).

If there's some great education site or tech site especially for teachers that you think I should add, pass it along. It's always a work in progress!

Photo Credit: Keyboard by Rico San Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License