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What kind of resources does Bolivia mine

Bolivia mines gold,copper,and led. This is what the recources they mine here in Bolivia

What kind of clothes do Bolivians wear.

Bolivian people wear indigenous.

women wear pollera which is a pleated skirt.

men wear indigenous which is normal clothes what men wear

Who did Bolivia won their independence from and how did they.

Bolivia had won their independence from, after Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre defeated the royalists in northern South America, Sucre led a campaign that defeated the royalists in Upper Peru for good. Bolivian independence was in augest 6, 1825.

how does the Andes mountains affect Bolivia's countries

the andes mountains affect bolivia because of the landscape that blocks some water getting in and they need that water to help them use it for drinking water.

what does bolvias flag look like

If you want to know what the flag looks like it looks like red,green,and yellow