Survival guide for

Appalachian Mountains-Kentucy

I landed in America in the Appalachian Mountains. It is temperate in the Appalachian Mountains, so the high and low temperature would be about 55 degrees and 37 degrees.
Here are 4 steps you need to survive in the Appalachian Mountains

1.You need to build a shelter.

2.You'll need to find food.

3.You'll need to find water.

4.You'll also need to make a jacket.

Here are 3 animals in the Appalachian Mountains.

1.Cottontail Rabbit

2.Black Bear



Moose can fight back.

You can cook Moose.

It is likely Dangerous.

You can cut off its fur and make a coat.

Here are 3 plants in the Appalachian Mountains.


2. Serviceberry

3.Fir trees


It has berry's that you can eat.

It isn't edible.

It can't be harmful to you.

It's not poisonous.