The Law Of Repulsion Intro Webinar

How to Make The Law of Attraction Work - 15 APR (HK)

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The Law of Repulsion: The most significant life-changing methodology since NLP and The Law of Attraction.

Why is the Law of Attraction NOT working for you?

Everyone from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, Pope Francis, Donald Trump, to the homeless beggar has "Karmic Debts" - which impact or reverse a "Change of Fortune"

Your finances is dependent on your Karmic Finances - how you treat others.

Many people have heard or read about The Secret, a bestseller book by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret talks mainly about the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction made simple.

Rhonda Byrne curated the best quotes from many famous bestselling authors to give their own take about the Law of Attraction is about.

What I glaringly discovered was the biggest missing puzzle in The Secret is The Law of Repulsion.
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The Hidden Secret Behind "The Secret"

The Law of Repulsion made simple.

Settle your karmic debts first, or you can’t attract your dreams and success.
It is as simple but as hard as that.

What if I tell you that I know the Real Key to The Secret Law of Attraction.

That the Law of Attraction will not work properly if you have not settled your Karmic Debts. And you are wondering why after you did everything that the Masters had told you to do in The Secret, but you got little or no results. And you gave up after many tries.

You have been putting the ladder on the wrong wall of success or on the wrong tree of life.

You have been building your dreams and vision on a very shaky ‘foundation’ of shifting sand.

Therefore, the first step I will share with you is BEFORE you lay a solid foundation, you need to remove the obstacles blocking your foundation from forming.

Robren recent amazing Law of Repulsion Story

Robren's amazing transformational story is about a US$2,000,000 defamation which he was summoned to a High Court. The case was settled in court with a Consent Judgment agreement between the plaintiff and himself. The most amazing thing was he did not have a lawyer to represent him in High Court. It was a ‘legal miracle‘ for such a unique set of circumstances and final outcome of no cost on his side.

One year before Robren settled his 3 biggest Karmic Debts, he had no income from Covid-19 pandemic lockdown despite being his busiest period, trying seven new 'very promising' business ventures but ended with no results. Then in January 2021 was his worst month of this life. He lost his most treasured belonging in his life while helping out in his aunt's funeral - his wedding ring to his late wife, Brenda.

Through a series of impossible coincidences, he cheated death from Covid-19, creditors were chasing him, he had a series of epiphanies, he made a courageous decision to settle his Karmic Debts. His life immediately had a 'change in fortune', with new doors of opportunities opening.

Such is the enormous power if you understand The Law of Repulsion. Robren has 'been there done that', he walked his talk, he can help you settle your 3 biggest Karmic Debts, and coach you on building a bright future by attracting life-changing connections and ideas through his vast global network.

There are 4 Tailormade Versions of The Law Of Repulsion for 4 Targeted Audience

1. Corporate Leadership, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (online public and in-house workshops)
2. In-House Sales Team
3. Individuals, Couples, Family
4. Youth and undergraduates, with Lecturers mentoring.


The Top 10 Tell-tale Signs you unconsciously paying or stuck in one or several concurrent Karmic Debts:

1. You must tighten the belt - MONEY is very tight.

2. You have a wake-up call, close-call incident, or accident.

3. You are really stuck in projects, in your career, business, in some relationships.

4. You have uncontrollable rage, bitterness, hatred, jealousy bouts, arrogant pride, you want to hurt or harm someone or destroy someone’s reputation.

5. You had a big downfall, big internal conflict, or you are hiding a big DARK SECRET.

6. You are trying many new things and seemingly good opportunities but all end with no result.

7. You feel abandoned by family and friends.

8. You have been recently conned or scammed.

9. You are totally obsessed with someone, an enemy, a competitor, a business partner.

10. You are emotionally drained, fatigued, you want to give up but can’t.

The Law Of Repulsion Intro Webinar. 15th April 2021 (Thu.) 12pm-1pm (Hong Kong time) / 14th April (Wed.) Los Angeles time: 9pm-10pm

Thursday, April 15th, 12-1pm

This is an online event.

Speaker: Robren, the CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, the Creator of The Law of Repulsion

Robren is the CEO of Robren EAcademy. He is also known as "The Father of Asian FireWalking", before Tony Robbins came to Asia. He helped raise HK$68 Million in the world's only Live FireWalk Charity Show for TVB Tung Wah Charity Show. If he can coach you to walk on 650C fire- without feeling any pain, he can coach you how to change your life. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations and Top Brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, CLP Power Hong Kong, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Genting, Tabung Haji, Tenaga Nasional, and over 300 CEOs in Malaysia's Silicon Valley.

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