Fight The Power For Freedom

All aliens and Citizens

We have the rights

President John Adams have called new immigrants Aliens for what he has done. He has away our freedom of speech and press. He has also made it where immigrants, Aliens, has a longer waiting period for them to become citizens. President Adams made the Sedition, which is where you can't say or write anything false or harmful about the government. Come help protest with me. Meet me at white house on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

More Facts.

We have the right to freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press, and with the Alien and Sedition Act it takes away our freedom of speech and press. With the president taking away our rights it makes us unhappy and we will protest to try to take our freedom and let immigrants because citizens without a long waiting period.

Don't Worry About Thing

We are Taking Back Our Freedom

No One Takes Away Our Freedom

No one is going to take our rights or freedom away from us no matter what. The government has no right to take away our freedom when they were the ones who wrote our freedoms and rights. They think they have control over us like King George III, but we are going to show and prove to them that we are free people and that we have the freedom of speech and press. What if they weren't the government and they were like us, and we were like them and we took away their freedom and rights. They would be doing what we are doing trying to take back their rights.

Meet Me At the White House

Come and join me and my fellow friends to protest for our rights and freedom.