Weekly Newsletter Team 6

May 11-15


*Check out our "Dad Jokes" video we made for our students!


*Team 6 teachers are offering tutoring sessions on Friday afternoons. From 1-3pm every Friday, Mrs. Bange, Ms. Hoyle, Mr. Akagi, and Ms. Griem will be hosting tutoring sessions for 30 minutes at a time, that any student from any hour can drop in on. These are not required, but a great opportunity for students to ask questions and get caught up on assignments.

Tutoring Schedule for Friday Afternoons:

1-1:30: Math tutoring session with Mrs. Bange

1:30-2: Science tutoring session with Ms. Hoyle

2-2:30: World Geo tutoring session with Mr. Akagi

2:30-3: Language Arts tutoring session with Ms. Griem

*Core teachers are also available from 8-10 and 1-3 every day to help students. Students need to contact their teacher if they are needing help to set up a time to meet during office hours.

*If you are experiencing tech issues or need a replacement (computer or charger), call the help desk at 785-717-HELP (4357).

*If your child does not have WiFi Access, please have them notify their CAT Time teacher ASAP.

*Please see the PDF below for explanation of your child's schedule. Your student's CAT Time has made a schedule for your child and sending it their email. Be sure your child is checking emails and Schoology daily.

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Weekly Work Checklist

See the picture below for a checklist students (and parents) can use to keep track of work and assignments for core classes this week.
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World Geography with Mr. Akagi

Next week in World Geography, we are going to start the week by taking a break in Sub-Saharan Africa, and focusing on our Cumulative Project for World Geography. It will be our last 80% grade in the gradebook, and students will have to answer a few questions about the 5 Themes of Geography, and reflect on their time in World Geography as a whole. There will be additional information to follow this up, so expect an email next week! We want students to have a lot of time to work on this before the year ends. Finally, we will have our last unit about Sub-Saharan Africa, where we will get to look at some positive trends in the region.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

melissahoyle@usd475.org or (785) 350-6285 (Google Voice)

kylerakagi@usd475.org or (785) 289-8953 (Google Voice)

krystlegriem@usd475.org or (785) 227-0003 (Google Voice)

lindsaybange@usd475.org or (785) 289-5662 (Google Voice)

ursulapopovich@ud475.org or (785) 289-5086 (Google Voice)

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