Amazing Earthquakes

Are you prepared?


Earthquakes can make the ground shake a lot. Earthquakes can be caused by the earth’s crust shifting. Most of the earthquakes happen along the earth’s ring of fire. The Ring of Fire is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. The movement of the earth can put a lot of stress on large blocks of rolling fault.


When an earthquake occurs the devastation that it brings is often massive. An earthquake can destroy homes, cottages, hospitals, land and people. The devastation can happen in Japan, Turkey, Indonesia and the west coast of North America. The devastation can be measured by the Richter scale. The numbers on a Richter scale go from 4-8. A 4 is a minor attack an 8 is a major damage.

Interesting Facts

People often picture the ground cracking. Earthquakes occur because of geological forces inside the earth. There are 20 plates that can get crushed during earthquakes. Earthquakes can happen on the ocean floor, it can cause Tsunamis and that will result in massive destruction on small towns and/or cities.

Safety Plan

During an earthquake:

Hide under a desk or try to hide under something sturdy. Have an earthquake disaster plan. And try to have a safe place in every room in your house. Shield your eyes during an earthquake so no dust, nails, wood etc. would get in your eyes. If you live in an earthquake zone nail your furniture cabinets etc. to the wall so it doesn’t collapse.

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Fact monster

This is one of the websites that i learned some information on :p

Weather Wiz Kids

An amazing site to find out information about Earthquakes

This is the Richtor Scale

Richter Scale

4Minor Earthquake

5Moderate Earthquake

6Strong Earthquake

7Major Earthquake

8Great Earthquake

This is how you calculate how big an earthquake is

10**8.7)/(10**5.8) = (5.01*10**9)/(6.31*10**6) = .794*10**3 = 794 OR = 10**(8.7-5.8) = 10**2.9 = 794.328