PCA Virtual Workshops

Pacific Coast Academy is Going Virtual!

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VIRTUAL Workshops with Pacific Coast Academy

Welcome to the San Diego VIRTUAL Workshop Newsletter. We will be updating info below with awesome workshops that we have curated for you. We welcome all of our students to remain engaged with this opportunity to CONNECT with their COMMUNITY even though we can not do it in person. We will add workshops in the weeks to come. Please keep checking back as we explore and develop this fun new way for us all to connect!

Workshop FAQ

- Please RVSP for each Workshop you would like to attend.

- You will receive an email with a zoom link and password for each Workshop

- Each Virtual Workshop will last around 30-40 minutes

- Some of the Virtual Workshops have items for the students to bring. We are hoping that we have chosen items that you will have around your house. If not, don't worry because students are more than welcome to come without items and just join in on the community fun.

- Zoom lets your student turn on their camera if you would like us to see them. If you do not want your camera on that is great too.

- The teacher will make sure your computer is on mute unless they are asked to share. This way the teacher is the only one talking so everyone can hear the workshop.

- We would like to make sure that all our students attending follow these rules : Log in with their first name only and treat all the students and teachers with kindness.

- There may be a lot of students in each workshop. Therefore, the teacher may not be able to let all the students share or ask questions.

- Some of our Workshops may fill up and have a waitlist.

- Your student may come to one or all of the workshops that are offered (Grade Levels are noted- We can’t wait to have these fun experiences with the students!

Virtual Workshops

Please be sure to Click Below each description to RSVP

- - - - - - - - - - - Thursday, June 4th - - - - - - - - - - -

Master Lego Build Challenge!!!

Thursday, June 4th, 10am

This is an online event.

Students will be given a challenge to build a robot out of Legos. They will be given 10 minutes to be as creative as possible. Then we will share their creations and let them describe what they made. They can discuss challenges, etc.

Grades 3-5

Please Click Below to RSVP. Thank you!

RSVP for Master Lego Build Challenge!!

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- - - - - - - - - - - Thursday, June 4th - - - - - - - - - - -

Sun and Moon Storytime and Project

Thursday, June 4th, 11:30am

This is an online event.

We will read Sun and Moon by Marcus Pfister. Then we will instruct the students to create their own Sun and Moon on paperplates replicating the illustrations in the book. We will talk about what an eclipse is and if the students have ever seen one.

Grades TK-3

Please Click Below to RSVP.

RSVP for Sun and Moon Storytime and Project

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Community Connections Virtual Workshops

Welcome to the San Diego County Community Connections Newsletter. Here you will find information about the special workshops we have planned for this month. We look forward to facilitating connections, inspiring community, and enhancing the adventure of learning!

Please see below for links to RSVP or register for each specific event. Some events will be open for RSVP now, others will be open for RSVP soon. Thank you!