Comparison of Colonial Regions

Michaela Berkebile

New England Region

- They where majority made up of Puritans. The Puritans build the New England region solely on pure biblical teachings.

- Their economy have heavily relied on the Alantic Ocean. In trade, shipbuilding, fishing, and industry.

- The society of that region was ruled by the Puritan Church. This is the region that we can blame for all 140 deaths that took place from Febuary of 1692 to January 1693.

- It was started so that those people could have the freedom to pick their own religion.(Didn't work so well.)

Middle Region

- They were more tolerant about religion but they were more culturally diverse. But in some states like Pennsylvania they have Quakers for a majority.

- The Middle colonies economy was made from farming staple crops like in the Southern region. An commerce just like in the New England region.

- Their society was a mixer of the two other regions. Them where governed in a another word, by a man named William Penn. Who you can see on the left. An they had merchants who dealt in foreign trade for the upper classes. With sailors, unskilled workers and artisans for the lower classes.

- The Middle region was best for farming. Better so then the Southern region would be. Because they were closer to the New England colonies so they could get their fertile soil. So they can get better crops then further down south.

Southern Region

- The Southern regions have a few different religions all around. In Maryland there are some Roman Catholics, some places had Christians. But by law in other colonies it was the Anglican Church.

- Their economy has born on crops. Like tobacco and rice which led to the plantation systems. when to indentured servants, when to slaves from Africa because they where cheaper.

- Society down south was divided by the rich plantation owners to the poor farmers then to the slaves.

- The many purpose for moving down to the Southern colonies was the fact that it was the best place for farming, agriculture it was the ideal place.