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2015-2016 Wrap Up

As we prepare to finish the 2015-2016 school year, we are also preparing for the collection of student devices. The students and staff are being informed of necessary steps they need to take with their devices to prepare them for summer maintenance.

Students need to know that their devices will be reset over the summer and updated for the 2016-2017 school year. Therefore, students must take the necessary steps to ensure that they don't lose any important documents or files. Seniors also need to be aware that their school Google accounts will be deleted shortly after they graduate. Therefore, they also need to take the necessary steps to transfer anything they don't want to lose to personal accounts.

To learn more about the steps that students need to take to prepare them for turning in their devices, click HERE for a breakdown of process.

Spend the summer improving storytelling skills!

Over the summer students are going to experience many great opportunities and will be excited to share their stories with others. The team at Common Sense Media has created a list of create apps and websites that allow students to tell their story with digital tools. Many of these apps and websites are used in our classrooms with lessons. Talk with your child and see if there are any programs that they are familiar with and would like to continue using in the summer to keep their story telling skills sharp. You can access the list HERE.

Teaching With Cats

The 1-to-1 initiative at Litchfield Public Schools has opened up many opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in unique and creative ways. For example, watch this student created video showing students' understanding of the Demographic Transition Model of population growth from their Human Geography class.

Apps to Look Out For

With over 1.5 million apps in the App Store, it is not surprising that there are some that have less than good intentions. Here are a couple of apps that you may want to be aware of. If your child has these apps on their phone, it is recommend that you use it to open up a dialogue about responsible online use and privacy. Again, Common Sense Media has a ton of great resources on this subject.

Talking Points for YouTube

Who do you think are the most influential celebrities among teens today? If you immediately start thinking of actors, musicians, or professional athletes, you might be surprised to find out the correct answer. According to a recent survey, the top 5 celebrities as chosen by teens are all on YouTube. Whether kids are using it for learning or entertainment, it is safe to say that people are spending a lot of time on YouTube these days. Just like any tool, there is some great content on YouTube, but there are also some things to be aware of.

The team at Common Sense Media has done a great job of giving you some basic information about YouTube and some discussion topics you may want to talk about with your family. You can find a review about YouTube form Common Sense Media HERE. You can also learn more about the YouTube Kids app, a subdivision of YouTube that is geared towards younger viewers, HERE. Litchfield Public School students also have access to which filters out videos that are not appropriate for students.

Remember, anybody has the ability to be a YouTuber, so be sure to also discuss the issues surrounding content creation and sharing with our family. Maybe you kids would like to start a YouTube channel and need some guidance in following acceptable use policies. Or, maybe they are already YouTubers. It is never too late to start the conversation.