Biggest Loser Diet

By: Trevor Dommert

What are the claims made for this diet?

Regular exercise and healthy food is a good start to a weight loss journey. Cut your calorie intake, work out, and watch the pounds melt off.

What makes you suspicious of these claims?

  • You have to be really dedicated
  • Not eat as much food
  • Make sure everything is healthy
  • physical activity everyday

What can you eat and what is forbidden or limited?

You can eat whatever you want as long as your calorie count is low. But remember, the healthier you eat, the easier is is to lose the weight.

How does it compare to the food pyramid?

Since you can eat whatever you want, you can still follow the guidelines of the food pyramid.

Why might someone be vulnerable to the claims of this diet?

The biggest loser is a hit TV show that actually shows people the progress. That doesn't mean everyone will have the same results. It all depends on how dedicated you are to your diet.