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Medical Office Management Program

Welcome to Medical Office Management

The Medical Office Management program is a perfect combination of content that will allow students to explore various careers by providing a foundation in medical law, medical ethics, knowledge of medical terminology, importance of health information management and technology, and professionalism in healthcare. This program truly acts as a launching pad for a multitude of careers in the healthcare, medical office positions, and medicolegal fields. Every person wishing to begin a career in healthcare must know the fundamentals that are covered in this program. There is an opportunity to be a Certified Electronic Records Specialist and a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant as well as earn college credits for medical terminology and Health Information Management.

In this program, students engage in discussions and analyzations of various medicolegal aspects of working in the healthcare field, attribute HIPAA regulations and law to various situations, as well as recognize ethical issues that need to be addressed in the patient care setting. Medical Office management and medical law & ethics are critical components of the physician/patient/healthcare/administrative team approach to delivering healthcare in many different settings in healthcare today.

After completing this program, students will have the opportunity to be employed in various entry-level positions, as well as administrative/professional positions upon completion of post-secondary education. Some entry-level positions include: patient access/registration clerk, data entry clerk, medical office coordinator, patient care coordinator, medical receptionist, patient flow coordinator, radiology support staff, admitting/billing associate and many more.

Some professional level careers include: Health Unit Director, Nursing Home administrator, healthcare program director, marketing manager, consultant, health information manager, medical office manager, project manager and healthcare supervisor, as well as many other career opportunities in healthcare organizations across the United States.

Student testimonials

"I was actually in another program during my junior year, but that teacher retired and the career center was gracious enough to let me come to the Medical Office Management I was actually going to return to my homeschool until I spoke with another student in this program. I decided to give it a try and I LOVE it. This lab is amazing. Having little experience in the medical aspects, I caught on really fast. Mrs. Coleman is a amazing teacher and is really good at helping you get to where you should be at the end of senior year. I look forward to coming to lab because I know I will learn something every time. There are multiple certifications available that will help me toward graduation. My goal after graduating is to become a medical receptionist in a doctor's office." Kylee

"This class has given me an opportunity to get an idea of what I want to do when I graduate. I've learned so much, which will make going to college easier. I've been able to work at a nice pace and all the information is taught well. I thought I would be overwhelmed, but the class is very relaxed and a lot of fun. Coming to WCCC and taking the Medical Office Management program has been my best decision ever and it is really getting me ready for college and my future in healthcare." D'laney

"The reason I chose this program is because no matter which medical field you want to go into you have to know everything this program presents. It also helps you get some of your prerequisites for college out of the way." Kyliegh

"The reason I enrolled in this program was because I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I wanted to know all the background information to better understand medicine. I am forever grateful I came to this program because it allows you to learn in your own individual way which allows you to be creative and be a self-directed learner. I am also grateful to have had such a kind, caring teacher who not only teaches and treats you like an adult, but also as her own child. I've made so many great friends in this program as well." Hannah

"The reason why I am enjoying this program is because I am very fascinated with learning medical terminology and front office operations management. I someday want to be a hospital/doctor's office manager." Tyler

"This class is amazing and I love it. Mrs. Coleman is the most understanding and kind woman you will ever meet. What I love about this class is that after we do the assignment we go over it in detail in class, and Mrs. Coleman is ready and willing to go over anything that we don't completely understand." Shantell

"This content in this program is very well-defined and well delivered. You learn a lot of information about different medical fields. Mrs. Coleman is very understanding and is willing to help you whether it is in school or when you need advice." Kaleigh

Dear Mrs. Coleman, As children we are asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" We reply, "a signer, an astronaut, a princess, a prince, a race car driver, or a model." In high school we are asked, "what do you want to do when you graduate?" We reply, "nursing, teaching, military, paramedics, police officers, lawyers, and psychologists." Granted most of us will go on to do our chosen career paths and a very few of us will want more than just that career path. I would personally love to go into nursing- labor and delivery preferably. I want to be that person that changes someone's outlook, that helps through the extremely tough times, when people are at their most vulnerable. Being a nurse is not only what I want to become. I want to become like you, Mrs.Coleman. I want to be passionate about my career, strong and even stronger when I feel the weakest, caring to anybody and everybody, happy, and brave even in the worst of times.

I want to have an impact on someone's life the way you've impacted mine and everyone else's in the lab. Everyone always talks about their favorite teacher and the one who they enjoyed most. My favorite teacher is you. 10 years from now, when I'm asked who my favorite teacher I've ever met is, I'll reply "Mrs. Coleman." In my 12 years of school, I have never had a teacher who genuinely cared for her students and truly wanted them to succeed no matter what path they choose. I've never had a teacher that I can truly be myself around, who broke my shell that I hid behind for 10 years. You've taught me the importance of support and accomplishments. You taught me to believe in myself. You taught me to have confidence in my work.

You've taught not only me, but the entire Medical Office Management class of 2021 more than we could've ever learned in another lab. You taught us key parts of adulthood, the medical field, and life in general. You connected with us each individually and that meant the world to most of us. You put the extra effort into knowing us. That stood out to a lot of us. You've changed most of our outlooks for the future. You helped us determine who we are. You impacted and changed 90% of your students' lives in just 2 short years.

You created a safe environment for each student and allowed it to be a safe place to go and talk about us. You let each of us become our own unique self and show that to our classmates. You allowed us to each have time to express ourselves, our lives, our fears, our issues, and our concerns. There was never any judgement, only feedback and support.

Mrs.Coleman, you have helped shape us into who we are today and who we will become. You helped us realize our worth, strengths, and abilities. You persuaded us to be ourselves for the last 2 years. You taught the future nurses, teachers, lawyers, medical assistants, CEO's, health information managers, and insurance agents. Although, not all of us will go into careers that deal with the information we have learned the last 2 years, I will never, never, never wish I went into a different lab. You and your class have changed my life forever. It may not seem like you've impacted us, but you've impacted us more in the last 2 years then most people have. You've changed each and every one of our lives. I will forever be grateful to have had you as my lab teacher.

So the next time I'm asked, "what do you want to be when you graduate," I'll reply, "a nurse and to be like Mrs. Coleman.":

Thank you for teaching me the last 2 years- for the advice you've given me. Thank you for the support you've always given me. Thank you for listening to me when nobody else would. Thank you for letting me be myself. Thank you for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you, Mrs.Coleman!


Hannah Pace

Class of 2021

Frequently asked questions:

Joanne Coleman, M.Ed, BA, R-CMT, CEHRS, CMAA

I have been a teacher at the Warren County Career Center, WCCC@Atrium for 20 years. I graduated from Capital University in Columbus with a BA in Professional Studies and an M.Ed from Wright State University. I am a Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist with the NHA and a Retired Certified Medical Transcriptionist. My career history spans 51 years in the medical field in administrative roles.
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Jobs outlook and some earning opportunities for related career paths

Medical and Health Services Managers - Median salary, $88,580/yr

Medical Records Technician- $48,000 to $61,000/yr

Medical Office Manager- $81, 080/yr

Medical Administrative Assistants-$48,597/yr

Human Resources Managers-$110,000- $130,000/yr

Surgery/Medical Scheduler-$37,000-$53,000/yr

Practice Manager-$75,000-$85,000/yr

Medical Records coding Manager- $68,000-$102,000