Oliver Olson😀

How Oliver Olson Changed The World

Oliver Olson

Oliver is afraid of lots of things because his parents tell him they are dangerous.

Oliver's Parents will not let him do anything for himself even though he is smart.

It seems like the author of this book put in a lot of things about the other characters and not Oliver.

When Oliver went to Crystals house he did something he had never done before he finally got to do work for himself.

Oliver tried to yours pliers he had know idea how probly because his parents would not let him use them.

We are the planets

I chose this song because they are learnng about the solar system!


Oliver's class is doing a diorama and Pluto got "kicked'" out of the solar system because it is to small and it's orbit is out of shape!

There Unit!

Oliver's class is learning about the solar system just like us

Oliver olson's parents

Oliver's parents were very over pretected and does things for him!

The Diorama😭

Crystal asked Oliver if he wanted to do the diorama with her.He did'nt even say yes but he did give her ideas.Oliver kind of did not want to because his parents spent all morning working on the project!

The planets!

The Space Sleepover

Oliver could not go to the space sleepover because his parents would not let him go and they said he would get sick if anyone was sick!



Oliver's parents fnally let him do something for himself!
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The Diorama

The diorama that Oliver and Crystal are working together on, and they are getting a lot done!