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May 2015

Are you ready for a summer reading challenge? Read one book from each category in June, July, and August. Stop in Mott Library today to start your challenge.

Summer Reading Edition

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What could be better than cheap or free ebooks?

I can't think of much.

BookBub is a handy place to get recommendations for cheap or free ebooks. You'll be asked to indicate your interests to get the best recommendations. That's it. See a book you want to read? You have a few options on where to buy it (or get it for the free titles), such as Amazon or the Google Play store.

Take a literary road trip.

Here is a great list of books for each state in the union. How many can you read this summer?

Keep track of your reading.

Goodreads is a great place to keep track of what you've read. You can share reviews with other members, looks for recommendations, and join groups to discuss common interests. You will need to set up an account.