L.A. Riots Conjure Mass Hysteria

Author: Jordan Rhodes, Mr.Taylor , Period: 4B / AM LIT

What were the Los Angeles Riots? MASS HYSTERIA & MOB MENTALITY

  • The Riots erupted after LAPD brutality trials.

  • Thousands of residents, Black and Latino, took rage into the streets, starting a four day revolution destroying 7,000 buildings, injured 2,383 people , eliminated 53 innocent people, ending the riot with a total of 12,111 arrest.

When and Where It Took Place?

  • Rioters retaliated between intersections from Florence Ave to Normandie street located in the inner City of Los Angeles 1991-1993
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What Event Spurred The Hysteria?

  • Four officers involved in beating victim Rodney King, sparked America with actual footage recorded from a video camera, owned by a local resident named George Holiday, showed evaluation to racial vibes, even though, King was allegedly drunk when he was spotted in a high speed chase that took an effect on reality.
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  • Latasha Harlins case of 1991, at the age of 15, was murdered in cold blood by a Korean store owner and suspect Soon JA Du caught on tape during her retaliation , only being sentenced with probation and community service. Later, one of Hip-Hop's legendary icons, Ice Cube responded to the incident with a release known as "Black Korea" targeting Korean managers, conflicting with black communities.
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Ice Cube- Black Korea

How Were People's Lives Impacted?

  • African Americans in South Los Angeles organized the CCSAP ( Community Coalition Substance Abuse Prevention) to set curfews on liquor stores to keep people from reopening soon.

  • Police brutality and racial profiling still occurs in Los Angeles , but citizens have a numerous amount of advanced technologies for highlighting police departments' daily routines such as shootings, how they approach different race, and other associated acts.

  • Today Korean employees have problems with Latins and African Americans using languages to draw negative attitudes in a work based environment.

Did it alter the cousre of history? How?

  • The Los Angeles riots altered the course of history by challenging government officials in the consideration of expressing Human Rights.

  • Protest into violence in cities like Baltimore, Oakland, and Ferguson where black lives matter. The LA Riots also changed how the Supreme Court ratify certain laws.

L.A. Riots 1992 Video

Los Angeles Riots, 1992 (1)

Salem In The Crucible

What Characters Were Involved?

Witch-Craft & BIO ?

John Proctor - confession of his own guilt to having an affair with Abigail. (Tragic Hero)

Elizabeth Proctor - She is against Abigail's vengeance to Salem, and is disgusted with prostitution among girls.

Judge Danforth - Operates his court of law using strict Puritan Society.

Mary Warren - a witch-trial messenger, and servant belonging to John Proctor.

Abigail - expresses her guilt to aim her jealousy towards Elizabeth, and can affect Salem.

Rev. Hale - opposes the witch-trial for survival, he will sacrifice his sins.

Rev. Parris - His niece is Abigail, and happens to be a preacher, spreading illusions in church.

When and Where did It take place?

  • The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.

  • Salem is also a small town where their courts order strict puritan policies, and anyone who fails to obey the rules will be punished.
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What Event Spurred the Hysteria?

  • Christian Girls exercised witchcrafts by growing sexual instincts.

  • Salem's witch trials steered confessions of guilt, resulting in many accusations lying below individual freedom; the Lucifer is alive in town, but he or she are acting as opposed of being invisible.
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How were peoples' lives impacted?

  • Innocent people were accused of witchcraft, and increased jealousy, trust issues with Christianity, and a high number of executions.

Did it alter the course of history? How?

  • The Crucible altered history in a since of how public relations can change a society, or in some case this play identifies rules that are combined in etiquettes.


The Crucible: dance scene

Compare & Contrast


  • The Crucible took place in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • The 1992 riots to place in Los Angeles, California.
  • The People of Salem believed in a puritan plain society.
  • Californians enforced laws through democracy, and gained social control.
  • Salem had a numerous amount of 19 hangings as a result to mob mentality.
  • The ending result of L.A. Riots had a total of 53 executions.


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