Gun Control

Is it wrong or right?

By the Demoblicans!


I researched gun control and what the Pros and Cons were of it.

So a huge problem today is gun control. Americans want to have the right to guns, because the right us given to them by the Constitution. However, a lot of people feel it is too dangerous to just give out firearms to anyone who applies for one. This issue has a lot of highs and lows. For example..


There are a lot of pros for gun control. Like: Most violent crimes are committed with guns; therefore, taking away guns would statistically stop these crimes. Suicides and crimes of passion are committed with guns, and you are likely to act more quickly with access to a gun. Criminals may kill armed victims but not unarmed victims from perceived self-defense. However...


There a plenty of cons too. For example: Criminals don’t exactly follow the law, so restricting guns doesn’t mean they won’t just obtain them illegally. A lot of Americans would be unable to defend themselves in case of an attack. The second amendment protects Americans rights to own guns. A gun in the hands of citizens is protection from government tyranny.

So where do we stand?

Us Demoblicans feel that each American should have the right to own a gun if they so choose. However, they must first pass a mental test to make sure that there is nothing wrong with them psychologically. We feel this way because Americans are denied the right to own firearms even though it is a right given it to them by the Constitution. That is completely unfair and we feel like we can put an end to it in a fair way.