Useful Mobile Apps in Education

Five Useful Apps


Dropbox is a web application that allows people to save data (eg. photos, documents, videos) online. It can act as a backup to the memory on computers. For students, they can update their documents using their phone. Students can also save videos and photos directly into their Dropbox.


This is a simple online classroom management system that can be installed into students' phones. Teachers can use this app to hand out assignments to students. Students can get instant feedback for their assignments and tests within this app.


I sometimes find it difficult to find pictures online that I can freely reuse. However, the Pixabay app allows students to look for pictures without worrying about violating any copyright laws. This app may be useful when students want to look for images online for tasks such as projects and presentations.


This app lets people share recorded online presentations with or without narration. One can simply record their video and convert it to a downloadable mp4 file or URL using this app to share with others. It can be useful for teachers if they want to give hints for assignments or to clarify problems that students have. Students can also use this app if they are struggling with a particular homework problem and are in need of immediate assistance.


Students may sometimes have so much homework that they cannot keep track of their deadlines. Remind101 allows teachers to send their students reminders of upcoming assignment due dates.