Working for Justice in Australia

Unit 3: Year 10 RE

By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  1. Critique the value systems in contemporary Australian society, the reality of oppression, and the Christian call to work for justice in the world.
  2. Investigate contemporary examples of individuals and movements working for justice
  3. Value your potential to be involved in promoting justice

Important terminology: compassion; justice; injustice; asylum seeker; refugee

There are five areas you need to work through:

  1. Justice and injustice
  2. Injustice in the community
  3. A vision for justice
  4. Social justice for refugees
  5. working for justice

The headings mark where each of these begin. It is important that you draw on these resources as a minimum and work closely with your teacher as you work your way from top to bottom.

Justice and Injustice

  • Define the terms justice and injustice
  • Classify experiences according to broader terminology, e.g. racism, violation of the right to life, sexism
  • Explain how injustices can have a negative effect on people


Injustice in the community

  • Examine causes and consequences of various examples of injustice in society
  • Find examples of local, national, and international injustice
  • Identify causes and consequences of injustice


A vision for justice

  • Apply the principles found on justice in scripture and aspects of Catholic School Teaching to situations present in our society


Social Justice for refugees in Australia

  • Investigate the background to injustice for refugees and Boat People in Australia and how various people and/or organisations are dealing with issues
  • Research a marginalised group within Australian society. Aspects of this research could include statistics (percentage figures), demographics, impact, causes, solutions. Present your research as an infographic


Working for Justice

  • Identify and explain what has and can be done to confront in our society
  • Research and explain the work of a given organisation. Examples of organisations include: Australian Catholic Relief; Australian Catholic Ministry; Mercy Foundation; St Vinnies for Youth; UNIYA; Brotherhood of St Laurence