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By: Abby C. and Kristina H.

All about me- Athena

Athena is the the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and military victory (good winning strategies, not just fighting like Ares). She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis; one of the many wives of Zeus. Athena is the favorite child of Zeus. He liked her so much that he even let her use his weapons!

She has a special shield called the Aegis which has Medusa’s head on it. Whenever an opponent looks into Medusa’s eyes, they turn to stone. Athena has A LOT of symbols. Some of them are owl, sun, spear, shield and helmet, a dove, and an olive tree. Each of those symbols represents one of Athena’s traits or relates to her life in a way.

Athena is the owner of the city of Athens. She and her uncle, Poseidon battled over the city by giving the best gift to the people of the city. Poseidon struck his trident into a rock and out came a flowing river of salt water. The city now had access to the sea. When Athena struck the ground with her spear, out came a marvelous olive tree. The olive tree would give the city oil, wood, and food. Athena was granted the city, and she named it Athens. After winning the city, Athena was an enemy to Poseidon.

Athena often settles arguments among the gods and among mortals. She rarely got angry, but was very competitive. Athena was an expert at crafts. She especially loved weaving. When a mortal girl named Arachne bragged about how she was a better weaver, Athena challenged her to a competition. When Arachne weaved a beautiful tapestry of her love of the gods, Athena found no flaws. She was furious! She ripped the tapestry and turned Arachne into a spider! Now, since Arachne is soooooo good at weaving, she can do it until the day she dies.

Athena can be found today too! The owl in Winnie the Pooh symbolizes Athena’s cleverness. The sportswear company Nike, is supposedly named after the goddess Nike, a goddess who is also a goddess of victory. Also, spiders represent Athena, because she made the first spider when she turned Arachne into one.

Athena had many achievements throughout her reign. She invented many things such as, the flute, the plow, the chariot, and many more! She owned a city, and just succeeded over all. Athena was a very powerful goddess.

An Interview with Me!


This interview was with Athena and Interviewer Katie.

Katie: Hi Athena!

Athena: Hi Katie!

Katie: Today I am trying to get some basic information about you. So I was wondering if i could ask some questions about your life.

Athena: Ok what would you like to know?

Katie: What are you the goddess of?

Athena: I am the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and military victory.

Katie: Cool! Speaking of military, did you have any enemies in war?

Athena: Well, I never fought them in war, but I don’t really like Poseidon, and Medusa.

Katie: Why is that?

Athena: Poseidon battled me in the contest for the city of Athens, and he is competitive. Medusa was bragging about how she is so beautiful... so I turned her into an ugly lady with snakes for hair.

Katie: Wow! Harsh! I know some things are symbols to your traits and life, what are some of those symbols?

Athena: I had quite a few. Some of them were an owl, a spear, a sun, a shield , a dove, and a helmet.

Katie: Wow thats a lot of symbols! Do you have a favorite symbol?

Athena: Yes, I like the owl because it symbolizes my personality well.

Katie: Can you tell me about your family?

Athena: As you know my dad is Zeus and my mom is Metis and Hera is my aunt/ stepmother. I have a lot of other siblings, because my dad has so many wives. I am not married, nor will I ever be, and I have no children.

Katie: Wow! I know you aren’t married, but have you ever loved anyone?

Athena: No I am disgusted by the thought of love or marriage!

Katie: Thats for all you guys out here reading this there is no interest in love or marriage so don't even think about it.

Athena: Yuck! Lets change the subject!:)

Katie: What do you think about your greek mythology?

Athena: Well I have heard it many times but have never put my hand on what it really meant to me.

Katie: Cool! Now I hope this question will make you think! What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Athena: Hmmm.... The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is probably when the people of my city; Athens built the Parthenon. A huge memorial that has a great big statue of me in it!

Katie: How sweet!! Its almost time to go, but I have one last question for you. Since you are so good at winning, have you ever lost anything?

Athena: Yes... a contest with Hera and Aphrodite. Paris was to judge who was the prettiest of us three, and it led to bribing him with our powers or strengths. Hera offered him to be king of Europe and Asia, I offered him wisdom and skill in war, and Aphrodite offered him love and beauty. He unquestionably chose Aphrodite. In my opinion it wasn’t a fair contest.

Katie: I’m surprised! That is one hard contest!

Katie: Well I will try to recap what we have talked about today. Today we got some basic information of Athena the goddess. She has no intrest in love or anything. She likes her owl symbol a lot because it describes her personality well. Also her dad is Zeus her mother was Metis and her stepmother/aunt is Hera. Thanks again Athena for being here with us today. And again to you guys out there she has no LOVE interest.

Athena: Thanks for inviting my it was my pleasure to be here.

Katie: See you next week with another special guest.

A Comparison Between Athena and Michelle Obama

Five Traits They Share

  • They are both leaders
  • They are both strong(both physically and mentally) women
  • They both encourage good habits
  • They both interact with the people of their city/nation
  • They are both very wise, and helpful to those in need

Five Differences Between Them

  • Michelle Obama is married and had kids, Athena is/does not
  • Athena has complete power over her area, THe FIrst Lady does not (her husband)
  • Athena trained warriors for battle, Mrs. Obama does not.
  • The First Lady Is much younger than Athena
  • Athena has complete power of her city, Michelle Obama, is just the first Lady, not the president.