Top 10 Tech Rules for Parents

By: Hans Khangura

Rule #1-Always log out on a personal account.

So other people can't see all your personal things.

Rule #2-Shut down your phone when your not using it.

If you don't, the battery can die.

Rule #3- Don't click on any spam on the computer.

Or else the computer can get viruses.

Rule #4- NEVER share passwords with friends, or your family.

Sometimes your friends can tell other friends, which will create a problem.

Rule #5- Never text and drive at the the same time.

It's not about cops, it's about safety.
Worst Texting While Driving Accident Ever

Rule #6-Keep your phone with you

Otherwise someone can steal it.

Rule #7- DO NOT Give your phone a KID.

They don't know what to do with it.

Rule #8- Pick Hard Passwords

Never use your real name and age or any personal info in a password

Rule #9- Don't take your phone into the swimming pool.

Nobody wants to see sparks flying in the pool.

Rule #10- Don't leave your laptop on the couch.

Anybody can sit on it accidently.

Follow These Rules