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August 23, 2019

Greetings from your Admin Team at Cedar Forest

Dear Families,

Today we met with all students during their encore time to talk about what it means to show Wolf Pride at Cedar Forest. We wanted to take an opportunity to share what we have reviewed with students today. Wolf Pride means showing our "Big 3" of being Respectful, Responsible and Productive. Additionally, today we introduced to students that showing Wolf Pride is also about demonstrating our "house" character traits of being kind, being resilient, having integrity and showing respect.

Students were given examples of what each character trait means, and how to show that trait at school. We discussed that we expect all students to show wolf pride throughout the school day and in the community. Below you will find more detailed information about what was shared with students, and more about our house program. Here are a few great questions you can ask your students about today:

- What are the "Big 3"? (Be respectful, be responsible, be productive)

- How do you show the "Big 3" on the bus, in the hallways, in the cafeteria and in the classroom?

- What are the names of the 4 houses? (Kindness, Resilience, Integrity, Respect)

- What does it mean to be resilient?

- What is the golden rule?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are so excited for our continued work this year on growing our wolf pack!


Allison Langridge, Holly Taylor & Sean Bellis

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CFES House Program

Over the past few days, teachers have been assigning students to a "house". Today, your student may come home with much excitement over which house they are in! Here is a little more information on the program that we shared today:

- Houses: Each student at Cedar Forest is assigned to one of four houses that reflect a character trait. Blue house - Kindness, Red House - Resilience, Orange House - Integrity and Yellow House - Respect. Evidence of these character traits can be seen throughout our building and we will spend the year teaching students about these traits.

- House Meetings: Since our program involves all students and staff at Cedar Forest it is a great way to grow our school community. Throughout the year, students from each house will participate together in a morning meeting. This meeting will be focused on their character trait. It will be a great opportunity to continue our education of these character traits.

- House Points & Rewards: Students will be earning points throughout the year for demonstrating wolf pride. Wolf pride is being respectful, responsible, productive, and showing kindness, showing resilience, having integrity, and showing respect. Teachers will give students points for modeling these behaviors, and houses will accumulate points throughout the year. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will be named the champion. Today we showed students the house champion trophy and a house belt. Please ask your students how they earn the house belt and house points!

Our goal with this program is to teach our students character traits, and to provide the opportunity to grow relationships across our school. We are very pleased with the excitement generated today and hope that your students come home to tell you all about it!

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News from our Nurse

We are two weeks in and starting to see illness in our school. We want all of our students and staff to stay healthy! Please keep the following in mind when your students are ill.
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Cedar Forest Elementary School

Allison Langridge, Principal

Holly Taylor, Assistant Principal

Sean Bellis, Administrative Intern

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