Aquaculture Veterinarian

by: Erika Benitez , Sarah Prather

Job Description

An aquaculture veterinarian is in charge of preventing deseases and interveing in treading deseases. They work with fish-farming clients to develop biosecurity, and test different diseases to prevent the contamination of the fish, they also work with food inspectors to make sure contaminated fish does not go out to the public. Aquaculture veterinarian must be able to work in a laboratory as well as in a performing field analysis. An aquaculture veterinarian must obtain a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine and bachelors and masters in some type of science related field. The salary for an aquaculture veterinarian ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 a year. Thanks to a study that was conducted it has been said that the demand for aquaculture veterinarians will increase in the coming years.


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This website provided most of the information for the education and the work conditions for an aquaculture veterinarian. It explains the requirements to become and aquaculture veterinarian and the starting salary pay.

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This websites provides and in-depth explanation of the carrier for an aquaculture veterinarian. It talks about the specific areas that they work in along with the people that they must work with. It talks about the different environments that they have to work in and it also talks about the demand for this job growing in the upcoming years.

A normal day for an aquaculture veterinarian is being able to work with other co-workers well to treat fish that could be disease as the picture below demonstrates.
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