CSHS Weekly Bulletin

February 1-6, 2016

Who Inspires You?

When I was a little girl, I spent hours in my mom's first grade classroom after school-- creating bulletin boards, grading papers and reading from her immense classroom library. Watching her dedication to her students' academic and emotional needs certainly set me on my path to be an educator myself, and along the way I have encountered countless mentors and friends to guide me. From my original "Yoda" who I student taught with to the amazing group of teachers I began my career with at the CSISD New Teacher Induction back in 2003 to my administrative family, I am profoundly thankful for the incredible educators who I have learned from over the years. This list is too brief and broad to even touch the tip of the iceberg on how many people have helped me grow and learn during each of my 13 years in CSISD. I know that if each of us made a list, we could fill a page very quickly with names of those in our lives who helped shape us into who we are. We have all been influenced by many fellow educators; however, the occasions to celebrate one another as educators come few and far between.

One occasion when we can celebrate one another is through the Teacher and Paraprofessional of the year process. Please use this nomination process as a time to reflect on who within our CSHS family inspires you, and take a few moments to nominate one Paraprofessional Employee of the Year and two (2) Teachers of the Year for our campus by Wednesday at 4 PM. Let us use this process to celebrate one another's success in the classroom and influence on one another, and maybe even take a moment this week to tell someone else on campus how much he or she has inspired you.

May you all have a wonderful week!


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50 Men Who Can Cook--This Friday!

The 9th Annual 50 Men Who Can Cook, benefiting the CSISD Education Foundation, is Friday, February 5, 2016 from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm at the Brazos County Expo Center. This event raises money for CSISD teacher grants, student scholarships and our online learning website Success 24/7.
Need tickets? Purchase them from our CSHS Celebrity Chefs: Justin Grimes & Matthew Quick.
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ARD/504 Calendar Invitations

The spring is certainly a busy time of year, and we know that any time away from your classroom is hard for both you and your students; however, another important part of our jobs is to attend ARD and 504 meetings. If you are on campus the date you are asked to attend an ARD or 504 meeting, our expectation is that you accept that invitation.

If you are getting multiple invitations for the same day or are feeling overwhelmed about the scheduling, please contact the assistant principal for the your department.

G/T Update

Remember to complete your G/T 3-hour update before February 29th!

ALL TEACHERS need to submit the form. If you attended a conference for G/T credit, answer question 1 and email Mishler your certificate.

Campus Safety Reminders from Officer Seaton

Exterior Doors:

If you have an exterior door by your classroom please try to check the doors periodically (during transition, etc.) to make sure that they have not been propped open. The students have become more creative and found ways to prop the doors open where it is not readily visible so you will have to physically go to the door and check. Students are leaving the building during the day and returning via the propped doors. We have in excess of 40 exterior doors so there are a lot of opportunities. Propped doors also provide a way for unapproved visitors to enter our campus and that is a situation that we definitely want to avoid.

If you have an exterior door in your classroom please make sure that door is always locked, unless your students are involved in an activity immediately outside of the door. If that is the case please be extra vigilant to make sure that:

1. Your students are staying in the approved area

2. There are no unapproved visitors

3. The door is locked and secured after the outside activity is completed

Interior Doors:

In regards to your interior classroom doors, please use the “lock and prop rule.” If your door is closed, it should be locked. If you keep your door propped open, it should be locked. The idea behind this rule is simple. In an emergency or an extremely stressful event, individuals will find that they lose their fine motor skills. In a situation where you have to secure your classroom immediately (campus intruder, etc.) you may find that:

1. You can’t find your keys to lock the door or

2. You have your keys, but you are fumbling to get the key into the lock and secure the classroom.

If your door is already locked and propped open, all you have to do is kick away the door prop and shut the door.

Also, please make sure that your door windows are not covered unless there is a lock down situation. This is also a safety issue.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please let me or one of your administrators know. We all have to work together to keep our students, staff and campus as safe as possible

Student Registration Calendar

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Student Recognition

We'd like to recognize the success of our students on the announcements and social media. Please email Tiffany and Victoria or place an announcement in the box on Tiffany's desk. In order to be included on social media, please either send a picture of students or your organizations logo. Thanks!

Are you showing announcements during advocate?

Please make sure you are showing the Daily Announcements each day during Advocate.
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Duty Schedule

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Technology Questions?

  • If you need help with the gradebook, ask Randi Costenbader for assistance.
  • To have your teacher website linked to our campus site or if any of the information listed on the Staff Directory page is incorrect, please complete this form. Randi Costenbader will get it updated ASAP.

Walk Throughs

The administrative team will wrap up the list of walk throughs below this week.
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Upcoming Events

2/8 Welcome to the Pride

2/8 Cougar Baseball vs. CyFair

2/9 Choir Concert

2/9 Lady Cougar Soccer vs. Consol

2/9 Cougar Bball vs. Caney Creek

2/10 Afternoon Faculty Meeting @ 4:05 PM

2/11 Morning Faculty Meeting @ 7:30 AM

2/11 Fire Drill

2/12 Lady Cougar Soccer vs. Caney Creek

2/12 Cougar Baseball vs. Concordia Lutheran

2/12-13 UIL Academics Invitational @ Magnolia

2/16 Lady Cougar Softball vs. Caldwell

2/16 Cougar Soccer vs. Bryan

2/16 Cougar Bball vs. Rudder

2/17 AMC 10/12 Test

2/18 Choir Solo & Ensemble Contest

2/19 End of 4th Six Weeks

2/19 Cougar Soccer vs. Willis

2/20 Sadie Hawkins Dance

2/22 Cougar Baseball vs. Brenham

2/23 Lady Cougar Soccer vs. Rudder

2/24 Junior Class Field Trip to George Bush Library

2/24 NHS Induction

2/25 Orchestra UIL Recital

2/25-27 Cougar Baseball Brazos Invitational Tournament

2/26 Cougar Soccer vs. Livingston

2/26-27 HOSA Area Meet @ Brenham

2/26-27 UIL Academics Invitational @ AMCHS