By: Hannon, Madison, Holt, and Griffin


Start making more products in America so that everything is not made in China for us. If we are able to do this will save us money, and won't be in debt with other countries. To encourage making products in America we will give manufacturing companys a small tax break as an insentive.


Government spending

When a program is introduced it will be viewed by the president and the VP. To make sure a program is even necessary. Before we go full scale with it we will test it in a small city to test it out, and if it tests good we will fund it. Then we will also fund programs that have proved they are good programs.



Make more mechanical pencils because regular pencils are made out of wood.

Every time we cut down a tree we plant one in it's place.

Make it illegal to hunt rare animals .

Envest in natural gasses that are right now under our feet.

Experiment with biofuels in govermont agencies, if it works it will bring money from the pump.

Help get solar wind plantson their feet by giving them a 3 month tax break.



Teachers should study kids that are falling behind to see what the problem is, and they can help.

Have teachers that specialize in audio, visual, and kinisthetic learners.

We need more special classes because not everyone learns at the same speed.


What were about

Here at the gold party we believe in working hard to reach a goal our slogan Go for the gold represents what we believe to work hard because the Olympics athletes work hard to try to win the gold medal. Trust me our caniadate would know he has worked hard to get elected golds repersintative He stared at a small collage but worked his way up to gold through hard work.

Hannon and Griffin

Vote for us

You should vote for our candidate Bob because he is on a mission to help Americans to make a safer cleaner country, and a country that has more jobs and help to make every day life better. Bob wants us to have a country that stands together in problems and that will give a neighbor a hand.


Come see us at Crestline

Thursday, Oct 18th, 12:30pm

Crestline, Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL