Love,Live,Play summer camp!

summer camp for kids with lupus

Camp Description:

purpose of this camp is to build up kids confidence in them self and know they are not alone and that they shouldn't feel ashamed of how they look


Monday, June 17th 2013 at 10am


this event will be held in dallas,the camp will be though the whole 2 weeks,the kids will not be going home on the weekends we will provide beds for the kids.make sure you be on time for the camp gathering and etc things that will be goin on at that time

SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!


10am-10:30am moring gathering

10:30am-11:10am breakfest

11:10am-12:00pm activites

12:00pm---------- lunch

12:45pm-1:00 learning/free time

Mission Statement:

My camp is all about building up confident's and teaching the children how to deal with the their differences but also letting them know they are just as good as anybody else