Maggie's paradise

come to Maggie's paradise


come and visit Maggie's paradise, we are located in the Atlantic Ocean.The Absolute location is 30ºN and 30ºW.

Maggie's Paradise government

Maggie's Paradise has a democracy government that is unlimited.It impact my country because the people (citizens) make their own decisions.

The economy

Maggie's Paradise island has a capitalism (free enterprise), it impacts my people and my country because the people can own their businesses and make the economic decision. Maggie's Paradise island a developed country,it impact my country and people by not having to depend on farming and ranching for food.We have mostly manufacturing, this impacts my country and people because it makes thing the people need in their every day life.Maggie's Paradise island get mostly imports a lot of oil.Maggie's Paradise island exports a lot of electronics.

The History of Maggie's paradise

Maggie's paradise found by Russell Cobb ,Julius Pope and Lowell Moody in the 20th century 1950.It was formed by Russell Cob ,Julius Pope and Lowell Moody and they wanted to start a country and wanted a government where everyone has a voice.

Maggie's Paradise

If you would like to vist or live in Maggie's Paradise