The Core

October 28, 2022, Volume 14, Issue 11

Hello Parents and Guardians,

We are heading into November focusing on deeper academic and social/emotional learning, it's so unfortunate Halloween is on a Monday! We hope you will work with us to do more Halloween celebrations over the weekend and a little less on Monday. Also, you will be surprised how much candy students sneak into their pockets and backpacks! Candy (especially with higher sugar content) can throw energy levels (and learning availability) off. We hope parents can supervise the candy bag and make sure it stays home, good luck with this!

At least it's not a Daylight Savings Time weekend, that's next week! And speaking of next week. We do not have any school on Voting Day, Tuesday, November 8th. It's an Inservice Day for teachers.

Have a terrific weekend; take some time to read with your child.

Trick or Treat!

Mark T & Olivia K

Quick Snaps from a 3rd Grade Music Class

PTO News

Volunteer needed! We’d like to bring Orchard Gear (clothes with Orchard logo) back and need a volunteer to work with the vendor and to organize orders. If this is something you’re willing to help with, please email Kristin at

PTO-Sponsored Events to look forward to: International Night and the Cookie Extravaganza are coming soon! Check the Core in the weeks to come for more information.

Konstella: Join today to connect with your child's friends, to sign up for classroom events, and more! Konstella is an app and website with a school directory by classroom (students are added by their caregiver, so it is not necessarily a full class list). It is also used throughout the year as a place for people to sign up to volunteer for classroom events, and it can accept payments for field trips and other donations.

Save the Date: The next PTO meeting is November 9th at 6:30 pm in the art room. All are welcome!

Box Tops is an easy way to earn money for Orchard School! Popular brands like Annies, Cascadian Farms, and General Mills participate in the program (note the pink “Boxtops” logo on top of these boxes). Download the Box Tops for Education app here.

Use referral code VI7J42XS when you sign up and you’ll get 20 Bonus Box Tops.

Stay up to date: Follow the Orchard PTO on Facebook or reach out with any questions at

News from Our Medical Team

Take action to make your medicine cabinet safer.

Saturday is National Drug Takeback Day.

Properly dispose of unneeded or expired prescription medications at many safe disposal sites.

For more information, visit the Vermont Department of Health.

Be well,

Kara Cassani &

Sarah Pineda, School Nurses

This Week's Announcers, Vivek & WIlliam!

Big picture
Big picture

4th grade Students Singing at the Farmstand!

Big picture

Principal Job Description

Principal Job Description #1642c - The principal shall consume all candy found in the building. Please leave at home!

Leaving Costumes at Home

We occasionally get questions this time of year about allowing students to wear costumes to school on Halloween. Though teachers make their own decisions for class festivities, we ask students to keep their costumes at home. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Students come to Orchard from many cultures that do not celebrate the day.
  2. Students also come to Orchard from different economic means, sometimes creating unhealthy competitions frequently unfair for many children.
  3. We've had gory costumes coming to school, just not appropriate.
  4. The costumes would get wet, muddy and/or wrecked for trick-or-treating.
  5. Finally, the costumes were too much of a distraction for learning—what schools are really about!

A few schools may still include costume parades but the vast majority have come to the same conclusion as us, thank you for understanding.