The guitar

History of the guitar.

HISTORY: The acoustic guitar was invented 3,300 years ago, but in those days it wasn't called the guitar. The name came from the Spanish word guitarra.

HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR: When you want to play single notes you pluck the strings. The acoustic guitar is similar to the classic guitar but it's has steel strings. The guitar has: 1.Body 2.Neck 3. Head stock 4.Stings 5.Frets 6.Pegs/tuners 7.Nut 8.Fingerboard 9.Bridge 10.Pick guard.

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Types of guitars and how to play it

TYPES OF GUITARS: There is an electric guitar and a acoustic guitar.

HOW DOES THE GUITARS MAKE THE SOUND: When you're playing the electric guitar you have to connect the guitar to electricity to make it sound. On the acoustic guitar you have to pull the strings.

An Interview with Mr. Lankelma

  1. How old are you when you started playing the guitar?

He was 8 years old.

2. How long have you play the guitar?

He has played the guitar for 51 years.

3. What type of music do you like to play?
He likes soft and slow music, and rock and roll.

4. What’s your favorite type of guitar and why?
His favorite is the acoustic guitar.

5. Do you play in a band?

He has before but not now.

6. Do you like the sound?

He loves the sound.

Jiselle Ibarra

I'm 9 years old and in 4th grade. My teacher is Mr. Lankelma. I have lived in Mexico but I was born in Marshalltown. Right now, I live in Marshalltown. My favorite thing to do is sing. My favorite subject is music. My favorite instrument is the guitar.